Fig Pizza

Fig Pizza
by Larisa Stephenson

One of my favorite go-to meals with ripe figs from our tree is to make pizza with them. As what tends to happen, 80% of the fruit was ripe within a span of 3 days, so I have been scrambling to use them before the rains hit, the birds eat them, or they drop to the ground to feed the worms. My first plan of use was to show them to our 1 year-old, who loves to eat them while running down the sidewalk away from us while we continue to pick figs. 

My second plan of use was to make pizza with them. I’m sure a lot of you have enjoyed pizza topped with figs, a nice sweet addition to the slice you are enjoying. I decided this time to switch up the cheese, and throw a bit of bacon on there as well. I first made the pizza with 3 slices of bacon, but I would honestly decrease it to 1-2 pieces of bacon, and consume the third piece yourself, or spoil your dog with it. I have made my own pizza dough before, but given the need for quick cooking with our son after daycare, I bought pizza dough from Whole Foods, which works great in a pinch. I recommend this route if you’re in a hurry, or if you have a local restaurant that makes pizza, and would be willing to sell you pizza dough, that’s an excellent and tasty option as well.


Fig, Toma, Arugula & Bacon Pizza
Up 40 minutes total time
Serving size 2-4 people
(So I suggest making 2 or 3 pizzas for left-overs!)

1 Serrano chili
Olive oil, 6 TBSP
Salt & Pepper
0.3+ LB of Toma cheese
Pizza dough (Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s make great, ready to roll, pizza dough)
3 figs (I used Mission Figs from our tree, which were a medium size)
1-2 slices of cooked bacon
Arugula (if you didn’t grow any in your garden this year, buy 5oz of organic arugula from your grocery store, and save the left-overs for another dish)
Corn mill

If possible, the day before, mince the Serrano pepper and mix it well with the olive oil in a jar, then let sit. I highly recommend wearing gloves when working with the Serrano. It’s got a nice spicy kick, and you don’t want that kicking your eyeballs if you accidentally rub your eyes.

Cook the bacon, then let it sit to cool before crumbling it. While the bacon is cooking, clean and cut the figs into slices, thinly slice the Toma cheese, wash the arugula, and roll out the pizza dough, using a fork to poke holes in it to help prevent bubbles (I hope).

Turn on the oven to 420 degrees Fahrenheit.

Brush the top of the pizza dough with the infused Serrano chili olive oil.

Cover the top of the dough with the Toma cheese, leaving a additional slices to add at the very end; then cover with the arugula; lay the slices of figs over the top of the arugula, and then sprinkle the bacon over the top. Add the left-over Toma slices to the top; then sprinkle salt and pepper over the top of the pizza.

Pop the pizza into the oven. Depending on how crispy you like your pizza, it will cook anywhere between 12-20 min. Rotate the pizza half-way through.

When the pizza is done, pull it out of the oven and allow it to sit for 8-10 min before cutting and serving.

Enjoy! Of course, after making the pizza, I had 27 figs left that I still need to use, and some left-over Serrano chili olive oil. I decided to wing it and make a marinade. I’m still perfecting that fig marinade, so I won’t share it with you until it’s ready!

Fig Pizza - Cooked.jpg

Equipment Used
Pizza stone (Or Baking Sheet)
Oil Brush
Cast Iron Pan
Cutting Board
Rolling Pin
Pizza Cutter

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