Have you had pizza like this before?!

Have you had pizza like this before?!IMG_2887


That is the question while you are staring at the menu at Tony’s Pizza Napoletana. Offering 50+ pizzas in 12 different styles. There is even an entirely separate restaurant for all Chicago pizza lovers (like me!), Capo’s. So, here is your pizza checklist… how many have you had? Or how many have you even heard of?!

  • Classic American (NY flat top gas brick oven. All classic American pizzas have hand crushed, slightly sweet tomato sauce and a hand tossed rustic medium crust using pendleton flour)
  • Classic Italian (Domed gas brick oven. All classic Italian pizzas have vine-ripened tomato sauce and a hand tossed rustic medium crust)
  • Napoletana (900 Degree Wood Fired)
  • California (Caputo blue flour, spelt, whole wheat, semolina)
  • Pizza Romana (700 Degree Electric. LONG THIN PIZZA. MOZZARELLA ON ALL)
  • New York (20”, 525 Degree Rotoflex Gas. All pizzas are finished with PECORINO AND OREGANO)
  • Grandma (550 Degree Gas Square pan)
  • Sicilian (550 Degree Gas. All sicilian style pan pizzas are topped with vine ripened tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese)
  • Coal Fired (1000 Degree. 16 inches. Topped with pecorino and oregano)
  • Detroit (550 Degree Gas Square pizza cooked in blue steel pans from detroit and topped with wisconsin brick mozzarella cheese, white cheddar, tomato sauce and garlic butter toasted corners. Topped with pecorino, oregano, garlic, extra virgin olive oil)
  • St. Louis (550 Degree Gas. Topped with pecorino, oregano, garlic, extra virgin olive oil)
  • Italian Specialty Pizzas
  • Stromboli

Plus you have housemade pastas, calzones, COCCOLI (house special – sea salted fried dough) and Insalate, Antipasti and Sides! You could spend a couple week’s tasting the menu. You may gain a wee bit of weight… but might be worth it?!

The CHEFS team was fortunate enough to partake in a night of gluttony. 10 pizzas for 8 people. (No, there way no way we would finish… although our mouths wanted us to.)

On top of grubbing on slices of pizza, you really shouldn’t miss their meatball. The presentation alone with pouring a delicious cream sauce over top makes it worth while… but that first bite! You will like this meatball more than your mom’s. (Yes, I said it!)


Here are some highlights from tasting some of the best pizza we have ever had. Plus, the realization that Detroit Pizza is AH-MAZING and everyone should go now and try it.



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