Cooking Up Something Special from Napa, California

HEY! Guess What?? CHEFS Catalog is coming back this Fall!

We all know you heard the depressing news that Target closed CHEFS Catalog in early 2016… but what you didn’t know was that gave us a chance to bring it back with a bit more flavor and spice.

If you haven’t heard much about CHEFS Catalog, let us tell you a little bit about it and what we are planning to serve up!

CHEFS Catalog has been selling upscale, high-quality cookware, bakeware and kitchen tools since 1979. Marshall Marcovitz founded CHEFS Catalog in Chicago. Originally a mail-order only catalog, the slogan was: “Professional Restaurant Equipment for the Home Chef.” Julia Child became one of Marshall’s early supporters. The CHEFS Catalog was the only commercial catalog she agreed to appear in and you can see her on the front cover of an early catalog.’


After a few large corporations (noted in the timeline above) owned CHEFS Catalog over the years, in 2016 David Sabin and Eric Salus got acquisition of CHEFS in conjunction with a well established group of individuals and large equity funds. David and Eric are two seasoned executives with over 80 years of experience in this industry.

The combination of David’s vast experience on the Vendor side and Eric’s on the Retail side, along with a dedicated professional team, will enable CHEFS Catalog to build extremely strong relationships with vendors and customers alike.

We are in the process of building out a new website for our relaunch in fall 2017. We plan to be the number one online destination for every CHEF of all skill levels. CHEFS Catalog will introduce and differentiate with a wide range of the best products for the home chefs – enhanced by experts in the field in new and exciting categories such as wine, food, coffee. CHEFS will be the ultimate, and full circle cooking experience – from the purchase of products, to seeking the tastiest recipe, to preparing your meal with help from friends or family, to serving it to you loved ones, and then over and over again.

CHEFS Catalog will reach out to a loyal base of over 11 million customers who have purchased from the catalogue in the past. Ensure you are on our list! Don’t miss out on any updates, latest recipes, teasers into what products will be in the line, what Chefs will be in our kitchen — Sign up for our newsletter by going to

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10 thoughts on “Cooking Up Something Special from Napa, California

  1. Just found out your coming back. Waited long enough. May is close enough. Enough is enough so open already!

  2. I was the HR Manager for CHEFS Catalog in Colorado Springs for the five years leading up to its closing in April 2016. It was very sad to see this successful company close its doors, and so I’m glad to see that you are relighting the torch and carrying it forward with the re-opening and acknowledging the history behind it. Thanks for bringing this legendary company back to life! Best wishes to the new team!

  3. I found out about CHEFS Catalog’s return quite by happenstance after Googling “kitchen supply stores similar to CHEFS Catalog.” I couldn’t believe my eyes when I happened upon the new website. I signed up for updates, hoping against hope that it was actually real.

    In any case, this made my day; I was so heartbroken when I learned that Target had purchased a perfectly fine company (with great customer service), only to close it. I can’t wait to visit the new website and see the new features being offered. I will certainly spread this happy news. Good luck with this!

    1. Hi Sharon, So happy you found us again! It is definitely for real!! Check back in October and our site will be launched 🙂 Thank you for spreading the news and being a loyal customer!

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